Residence and Citizenship

It is becoming increasingly popular for individuals to take up residence and/or citizenship in a country other than their country of origin or where they are currently living.

Whilst many individuals want to move to another country and actually live or reside there, for many others the motivation may be to gain citizenship as an option for a future move or to obtain an additional passport to make travel easier.

The residence programmes vary in what they offer and what criteria need to be met. That is why you should speak to a residence and citizenship specialist such as Dixcart Domiciles. Where Dixcart Domiciles can help further is in explaining the tax regimes that exist in different countries; a number of which are particularly attractive for new residents. We can assist families to ensure that their affairs are structured in a tax efficient manner and that an exit strategy from the country that they are moving from has been correctly planned for with professional advice.

Non-European nationals need to take advantage of a residence programme to move to a country in Europe or generally to another country. European nationals have the right to move to other European countries and may be motivated to do so due to some attractive tax regimes that are available. To move to another country outside the EU, European nationals would generally need to take advantage of a residence programme.