With the introduction of Portugal's "Golden Visa" scheme and a special tax regime for "Non-Habitual Residents", Portugal has become a popular choice for many EU and non-EU nationals.

The Golden Visa enables non-EU residents not only to be resident in Portugal, but also to move freely within the Schengen Zone. The Non-Habitual Residents Programme applies to EU and non-EU nationals alike. It means that these individuals can enjoy low taxes, or, in the majority of cases, freedom from taxation in Portugal. It is possible for non-EU individuals to apply to the two schemes simultaneously.

Portugal is a viable and appealing country for residence with a warm and temperate climate, a stunning coastline and beautiful scenery. Living costs are relatively inexpensive and there is a good health service and daily flights to over 250 international destinations.

Managers from the Dixcart office in Madeira can provide detailed information about the Portuguese Golden Visa and Non-Habitual Residents Regime. If French is your first language the Dixcart office in Switzerland can provide you with appropriate information in French.

Dixcart Domiciles Portugal Brochure in Vietnamese