Spanish Golden Visa

The Spanish Golden Visa enables non-EU individuals to become resident in Spain and to move freely within the Schengen Zone. There are no minimum stay requirements and individuals do not need to become tax resident in Spain.

In order to qualify for a Golden Visa an individual must meet one of the following investment criteria:

  • Investment of at least €2 million in Spanish public debt; OR
  • Investment of at least €1 million in the shares of a private Spanish company or in a bank deposit in a Spanish financial entity; OR
  • Acquisition of real estate in Spain with a value of at least €500,000; OR
  • Conducting a business project in Spain that leads to job creation, local economic development and scientific and/or technological innovation.

The Spanish Golden Visa is initially issued for one year. Providing that the investment activity is met and maintained, the residence permit is renewed for two successive periods of two years.

There is no minimum stay period in Spain but the applicant is required to travel at least once to Spain during the period preceding each renewal.

Permanent residence can be applied for after five years and after ten years of residence Spanish nationality can be requested.