Located in Central America and bordered by Colombia and Costa Rica, Panama is an appealing location with a modern infrastructure and miles of beautiful coastline.

Panama offers various immigration visa and residency programmes which, in many cases, lead to full citizenship and a passport:

  • The Friendly Nations Visa enables citizens of 47 countries considered as “friends” of Panama to apply for permanent residence, leading to citizenship and a passport as well as a work permit. Countries include: Australia, most European countries, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, several Latin American countries, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea and the USA. An applicant is required to have professional and economic ties with Panama; this can include starting a new business in Panama, purchasing an existing business in Panama or being hired in a professional capacity by a Panamanian company.
  • In order to obtain Panama residency, citizenship and a passport under the Self Economic Solvency Visa a minimum investment of US$300,000 in Panama is required. The three investment options are:
  1. Panamanian real estate.
  2. A certificate of deposit in a Panamanian bank which must be held for three years.
  3. A combination of the two options above.
  • Foreigners who receive a pension or annuity of a minimum US$1,000 per month, guaranteed for their lifetime, can qualify to retire in Panama with a Panama Pensionado Visa. The minimum monthly pension amount is reduced to US$750 if the applicant purchases a property in Panama with a minimum value of US$100,000.

Dixcart can assist with applications for Panamanian immigration visa and residency programmes. Full details of the requirements for each scheme are available on request.