The Island of Sark

Sark is a small island within the Bailiwick of Guernsey, it is only 4.5 square miles in size.  This island is situated to the south east of Guernsey, in the English Channel.

Sark enjoys a simple and very low tax system based on:

1. A property tax on local property – based on size

2. A personal tax per resident adult (or having a property available) for over 91 days:

  • Based on personal assets or dwelling size
  • Capped at £6,400 (2015)

There is a property transfer tax on property sales/leases.

There are no specific residence requirements. You have to pay tax if you reside in Sark or if you have property there which is available to you for over 91 days per annum.

If you would like further information about living on this small island, with no cars, please contact us: