Package of Services

Dixcart Domiciles offers a comprehensive package of relocation services.

Naturally, we offer advice regarding the different residence schemes and coordinate relevant applications to these schemes but Dixcart Domiciles also provide a wide-range of services to ensure that any move is as smooth as possible and that families settle well once they have moved to another country.

Services include:

For Businesses

  • Tax advice and planning
  • Company formation and management
  • Relocation of companies
  • Advice regarding relevant Government grants and financial assistance


For Individuals

  • Tax advice and planning
  • Assistance in finding the right property to buy or to rent
  • Advice regarding schools – across the spectrum of age ranges
  • Orientation day trips
  • Assistance in sourcing: dentists, doctors, and vets
  • Identification of and contact details for selected leisure and sports activities
  • Information on local services such as; broadband, car hire, mobile phone providers and utilities
  • Organisation relating to the “moving in” date: for example organise meter readings, arrange for utility services to change to being provided to your name, book appointments for broadband, satellite and telephone services to be installed